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Sub site

You can host multiple sites using daptin. A sub site is exposing a cloud storage folder statically under a sub-domain, domain or a path.

Expose folders on cloud storage services as websites using your daptin instance.

New subsite

  • Select a cloud storage
  • Choose a domain/sub-domain
  • Choose a sub-path

Restart is required to reflect changes.

Creating a new sub-site

Exposing a folder as a subsite

  • Goto dashboard
  • Click "Sub sites"
  • Click the green "+" icon
  • Type in the hostname this should be exposed to
  • this can be a domain or a sub-domain
  • the domain should be pointing to the daptin instance
  • Choose a name
  • Path: select a sub directory name to expose this sub-site. Your sub-site will be accessible at
  • Cloud store Id: choose an existing cloud store.

Restart to enable serving the site.

Daptin will sync the cloud store locally and start serving it under the domain/path.