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Data storage

Daptin relies on a relational database for all data persistence requirements. As covered in the installation currently the following relational database are supported:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite

This document goes into the detail of how the database is used and what are the tables created.

Standard columns

The following 5 columns are present in every table

ColumnName ColumnType DataType Attributes
id id int(11) primary key Auto increment Never exposed externally
version integer int(11) get incremented every time a change is made
created_at timestamp timestamp the timestamp when the row was created
updated_at timestamp timestamp the timestamp when the row was last updated
reference_id alias varchar(40) The id exposed in APIs
permission integer int(4) Permissions - check Authorization documentation
user_id foreign key int(11) the owner of this object

Other columns are created based on the schema.

The id column is completely for internal purposes and is never exposed in an JSON API. Every row of data inherently belongs to one user. This is the user who created that row. The associated user can be changed later.

World table

The world table holds the structure for all the entities and relations (including for itself).

Each row contains the schema for the table in a "world_schema_json" column.