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The most powerful ready to use data and services API server.

- User management
  - Sign up and sign in (1fa/2fa with password/TOTP)
  - Extensive authorization control table level/action level and row level
  - Rate limiting/connection throttling at IP/API level
- Data management
  - Declarative schema definition, relations and column properties
  - CRUD APIs with Authorization/Pagination/Search/Relations
  - File asset columns to store images/video/audio/blobs
- Storage management
  - localhost/gDrive/S3/B2/DropBox/FTP and many more supported
- Site management
  - Create HTTP sites based by storage anywhere
  - Enable HTTPS using LetsEncrypt
  - Create and Build HUGO static sites
  - Expose directories as FTP sites
- Integration and action management
  - Create workflows and expose as APIs
  - Call any 3rd party API by importing OpenAPI Spec
- Mail management
  - Enable SMTPS and IMAPS services and use daptin as your regular email provider
  - Multi hostname mail server
  - Multiple email accounts
- With a clean white-branded dashboard


Consume the following features easily on any device